Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Ohio news

The Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton (Erie-Ottawa Airport) has received the former Sunrise Diner from Jim Thorpe, PA. The former O'Mahony diner was cleaned up and given a general once over by Steve Harwin. The expect to open the diner in the spring.
The diner will be known as the Tin Goose Diner. check out their website at
The person who runs their Facebook page also commented n the other two diners that are supposedly in the area. "Both being restored and will be located at the NE corner of SR269 and Port Clinton Rd Eastern."
In the last two years, Ohio has really not been a destination for my travels, so I have only stopped briefly at places. wish I had more time(don't we all) so this could change in the future, but I just don't see it happening.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 2010 Update

Two diners to look forward to.

The Hometown Diner should be coming to Ottawa, Ohio by July. This is the original Silver Diner from Kentucky that was purchased by Steve Harwin. Harwin is remodeling the diner and is very familiar with Silk City diners. I plan to visit the diner in mid-August
In the beginning of 2010, there was news that the two diners being stored in the Erie-Ottawa Airport near Port Clinton would be used in the area. Rumor has the diners being restored by Steve Harwin. As of April, they were not on location, but another check will be made in August.
Other notes - The diner in Pikesville has been reopened as of April. June news has the diner on Sycamore in Cincinnati should be reopening soon as a classic diner.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The two diners in Cleveland Heights, have been mostly gutted on the inside. The new owners prides himself in rejuvenating failed businesses and has reopened as a restaurant. It is believed that the diner in Piketon has reopened.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of 2008 post

Have some updates and news to catch up on.

Kent Diner - The diner has been saved by Mike Zenone. Currently, Mr. Zenone has the diner is storage and has quite a task ahead of him. But we wish him well. For people not familiar with the restoration process, a diner here in NY State now open in Spencertown spent 12 years being restored. But the finished product is so worth the time spent!

Rockbridge - I got word just a few days ago that the diner in Rockbridge on US Rt 33 changed names, so I changed the website to reflect this name change.

St. Henry - The Starlite that was last an auto dealership headquarters has been moved to Pennsylvania. Dave Frew of North Manheim Township has bought the diner and moved it to the site of the former Manheim Diner on PA Rt 61. The location is south of Pottsville and near Schuylkill Haven. The diner was moved in mid December.
I noticed that I never did include this diner in my Ohio pages. So it is even more important that people know it did exist in the state of Ohio.

Grafton - I believe Nancy's Diner is open for business. I hope to check this out in the very near future.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer 2008 post

Nancy's Big Dig Diner made it to Grafton, Ohio successfully. Happened in late July. Hopefully the diner will open soon. You can find the diner just north of downtown Grafton, which is west of Cleveland just off of Ohio Rt 10 which is also signed as US Rt 20 here, south east of Elyria.

We got the name of the diner in Rockbridge on US Rt 33. It's the Route 33 Diner, which shares its location with a very popular flea market type of place.
Use a search system and type "Route 33 Diner" in quotes for articles about the diner.

Steve Harwin and Diversified Diners has bought the Smyrna Diner. It seems to be a Paramount from 1960, and it has been remodeled.
Steve also obtained the Sunset Diner from Jim Thorpe, PA, a late 1940s O'Mahony, and a gem of a diner.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

few Ohio things

The restoration of the diner in Wilmington has been put on hold due to costs.

There WAS a Valentine in Columbus at 373 Dublin St. which made, but before anyone could visit this diner, it was found out to have been demolished.

A midwest fan of diners posted this email to It talks about an abandoned Valentine
" The diner is located on the south side of US 24 east of the intersection of CR 232, near 13186 US 24, Cecil, Ohio 45821. The diner has not been in operation as far back as 1975 when I began my career in law enforcement in Paulding County.

David I. Harrow "

Grafton is to have a Silk City Diner. December posts to mention this fact. no new posts since.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ohio Trip Feb 2008

Having just traveled through parts of Ohio this past week, I can verify some diners.

Zanesville Dennys, Athen's Court Street Diner, Waverly's Diner 23, Wheelersburg's Taco Loco III, Seaman's Cruiser's Diner, Hillsboro's Classic's Diner in south central
Also in Piketon, the former Deb's Diner is closed

A quick trip through Cleveland saw Harley Diner in Bedford Heights and the Silver Spartan on the campus of Case Western, not an easy find.

We also got word from Mike Corwin, owner of Diner 23 in Waverly that the former diner in Mt. Oreb is now located in Rockbridge. Snow did not allow me to get to visit the diner on this trip. Pictures of this diner would be appreciated by anyone who passes.

New photos are now online for almost all of these diners.