Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of Summer 2008 post

Nancy's Big Dig Diner made it to Grafton, Ohio successfully. Happened in late July. Hopefully the diner will open soon. You can find the diner just north of downtown Grafton, which is west of Cleveland just off of Ohio Rt 10 which is also signed as US Rt 20 here, south east of Elyria.

We got the name of the diner in Rockbridge on US Rt 33. It's the Route 33 Diner, which shares its location with a very popular flea market type of place.
Use a search system and type "Route 33 Diner" in quotes for articles about the diner.

Steve Harwin and Diversified Diners has bought the Smyrna Diner. It seems to be a Paramount from 1960, and it has been remodeled.
Steve also obtained the Sunset Diner from Jim Thorpe, PA, a late 1940s O'Mahony, and a gem of a diner.